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Welcome to the Finance Department Portal!

This site is the portal for job candidates and employees of The Salvation Army Finance Department.

The Salvation Army is an international Christian denomination and social services organization, operating in 113 countries worldwide. In Canada, the Army'€™s operations comprise 500 individual registered charities, associated with the Army'€™s territorial headquarters in Toronto, Ontario. With assets of over $1 billion, an annual operating budget of nearly $500 million, 900 commissioned officers (pastors), 10,000 employees, and thousands of volunteers, the Army is one of the largest charities in Canada. Its work includes hospitals and hospices, addictions treatment and rehabilitation centres, hostels, long term care facilities for seniors, thrift stores and recycling operations, chaplaincy services in hospitals and correctional services facilities, food banks, and family counseling. 

The Finance Department is comprised of 99 professional and support staff who provide corporate finance, accounting, financial reporting, investment, treasury management, and pension and payroll services to The Salvation Army. About half of the group is based at the Army’s head office in Toronto, with the remaining staff located in Calgary, Winnipeg and St. John’s. 

If you are applying for a position in the Finance Department, you will need to create an account (or for exisitng members you will need to login to your account).

You will need to complete an online application and upload your resume and submit it using this system in order to be considered for a position.  Complete your eligibility and then view the awards in order to access the application.